Help questions

Enabling User Accounts

If you would prefer users to register before seeing your pricing you can enable user accounts.

Users who register for your website will need to be approved before they can log in. You will receive an email when a new user registers and the customer will receive an email when you have approved their registration.

To turn on User Accounts, click User Accounts and then Settings in the menu on the YourWebShop dashboard.

Switch Enable Login Functionality to Yes and click save.

Approving new user registrations

To approve a users registration, click the checkbox under header "Approved" and then click the "Approve Selected" button, these users will then be allowed access to your site.

Deleting a user

Alternatively if you choose not to approve a new user or would like to remove a previous customer, you can click the checkbox under the header "Delete" and then click "Delete Selected". The user will not be notified that their account has been removed.