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This area of the administration displays all orders placed through your web shop. When you click the ‘orders’ tab in administration, you will be presented with a list of the 5 most recent orders. You can use the paging function to view older orders. Alternatively, you can use the search tools to filter the list of orders by order number, customer email or order date.

Each order displays the payment type used by the customer, the value of the order, and the order status. Orders with the status of ‘New’ have not yet being actioned. You can change the status of the order  one of below 3 statuses for your own tracking purposes. 

  • Open i.e. yet to be actioned.
  • Complete i.e. Payment taken, order fulfilled
  • Cancelled i.e. Order cancelled

Orders that have been placed successfully will appear in the list with a status of ‘New’. Should there be an issue during the SagePay/PayPal process; the order will appear with a status of ‘Failed’.  

Note – Cancelling an order will not refund the customer’s payment. You must transfer the funds back to your customer via Sage Pay or PayPal. 

Selecting 'details' will display all captured information from the customer’s order including:

  • The delivery option selected by the customer
  • The payment method selected
  • The status of the order
  • The customer’s delivery address and billing address
  • The products ordered
  • The customers personalisation requirements (if applicable)