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Products and Categories

Brands - Choose the brands you wish to hide from your web shop. These brands will not appear on your web shop’s menus. Products within these brands will also not be returned in search results.

Categories - Choose the categories you wish to hide from your web shop. These categories will not appear in your web shop’s menus. Products within these categories will also not display in the search results (provided they don’t exist in another enabled category)

Products - This page allows you to edit settings on a per product basis. You can choose to prevent personalisation options being available for a product or change a product’s stock threshold to a different figure than the global threshold set in stock settings.

Product Display Settings - This allows you to remove specific elements from your web shop's product page. For example, you may wish to hide Ralawise product codes from your web shop.

Stock Settings - Pro Users Only - This page allows you to choose how stock is displayed on your web shop. You can choose to either:

1. Show a traffic light. A traffic light is displayed on your web shop that indicates stock levels.

Green = In Stock

Orange = Low Stock

Red = Out of Stock

If you set the threshold at 10, products with stock greater than this figure will display a green traffic light, products with stock between 1 and 10 will show an orange traffic light and products with 0 stock will show a red traffic light.

3. Show a customised message. Rather than show a traffic light, you can also choose to display a custom message. This works in the same way as the traffic light system described above but shows a custom message e.g. In stock, low stock, out of stock.

You can change the global stock threshold by simply entering a stock figure in the relevant field and clicking save. By default, the stock threshold is set to 10. Should you wish to change the stock threshold for an individual product, you can do so by accessing Products and Categories – Products.