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Promotion Codes

You can find promotion codes on the main menu under Checkout on YourWebShop dashboard.


Adding a new promotional code - Create a new promotion code by clicking the Add button in the top right.

On the next page, you will need to fill in all the fields.

  1. Name - Specify a descriptive name for this promotion (e.g. 5% off t-shirts).
  2. Code - Enter the code you would like your customers to use
  3. Percentage - Enter the percent you would like to be discounted.
  4. Number of uses - Enter how many times you would like this code to be used, leaving it blank will set it as unlimited (e.g. for a seasonal sale).
  5. Start Date - Set a date you would like this promotional code to be active from.
  6. Expiry Date - Set a date you would like the promotional code to end.
  7. Min Order Value - You can enter a minimum spend amount here before a promotional code can be used.
  8. Tick this checkbox to indicate if this promotional code can be used on personalised products.
  9. Tick this checkbox to allow this promotional code to be set as active.

Click Save to add your promotion code.


Editing a promotional code - You can edit a pre-existing promo code by clicking the Edit button. You will see the same fields as when creating a new promo code. Edit any fields you wish and click Save to apply your changes.

View Orders - Click the View Orders button to see a list of orders which have been placed using a promo code.

Deleting a promotional code - Click the red Delete button and confirm you would like to remove by then clicking the YES, Delete Promotion. You cannot delete a promotional code that has been used.