Setting Up PayPal


 What is PayPal?

PayPal allows your customers to login to their PayPal account and place an order without having to enter their credit/debit card details

Setting Up PayPal

Do you already have a PayPal Business account? If yes skip to Step “4”

If not Start at step 1.

Step 1 : Go to  https:/

Once here click on “Get Started” under the “Business” Area. Home Page - Click get started under buisness

Step 2 : Enter the email address you want to be associated with the PayPal system, we advise your companies main business address or a particular payment / sales address for your business.

Paypal Buisness account sign up - enter your email adress

Step 3 : Fill in the PayPal account creation form.

Paypal Buiness acount creation - fill in Paypal buisness acount details

Step 4 : Click The Cog wheel near the top right of the screen.

Paypal business account - settings navigation

Step 5 : Click “Profile and Settings”, From there on the left side of the page select “My Selling Preferences”.

Paypal Business account - my profile navigation

Step 6 : Select the “update” button next to the “API Access”.

Paypal business account - Update API Access

Step 7 : Scroll down until you see “Custom checkout experience” , from here select “manage API credentials”.

Paypal Business account - Click Manage API Credentials

Step 8 : Once here you have access to your API: username, password and signature. Click show to reveal your personal API Credentials. Take not of this information as it will be needed.

Paypal business account - Click show to reveal your personal API Credentials.

Step 9 : Log into, and the select Checkout and then payment options.

Your Web Shop navigation to checkout / payment options

Step 10 : Insert your API credentials into your web store account.


Your Web Shop - Paypal Integration form