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Using the text editor

On custom pages of the web shop you will find the text editor.

Hovering over each icon will tell you what it's function is, however for your convenience a more detailed description is below.



What these buttons do (Left to right)

Source code - Use this to edit HTML code for more advanced users, or to paste a template displayed here on this help site.
  Cut - Copy and remove the content you have highlighted.
Copy - Copy the content you have highlighted.
Paste - Place the content you have cut or copied.
Paste as plain text - Place the content you have cut or copied, without formatting.
Paste from Word - Place content you have cut or copied from Word applications.
Undo - Go back before your last action.
Redo - Go forward to your next action, this tends to be used when you click Undo but change your mind.
  Find - Find text in your content.
Find and replace - Find text in your content and replace it with something else.
Select all - Selects all content, useful if you need to copy the whole page to another page or Word application for editing.
Spellchecker - Checks your content for grammatical errors.
  Bold - Gives text the bold format. Example
Italic -
Gives text the italic format. Example
Underline - Underlines the text. Example
Strikethrough - Places a line through the text. Example
Subscript - Places smaller text on the lower half of normal-sized text. ExampleExample
Superscript - Places smaller text on the upper half of normal-sized text. ExampleExample
Remove Format - Removes all formatting from the text. Highlight all text you want to make plain and press this button
  Insert/Remove Numbered List - Use this button to add or remove a numbered list.
Insert/Remove Bulleted List - Use this button to add or remove a bulleted list.
Decrease Indentation - Decrease the indentation of text on the page. (This is the same as when you press Shift+Tab on a Word application)
Increase Indentation - Increase the indentation of text on the page. (This is the same as when you press Tab on a Word application)
Blockquote - Show a quote in styling, useful for a slogan or customer testimonial.
Align Left - Moves text to be aligned to the left side.
Center - Centers text in the middle of the page, regardless of length.
Align Right - Moves text to be aligned to the right side.
Justify - Will space words in a text line to align to both the left and right edges.
Text direction from left to right - Changes which direction text flows (Language dependant).
Text direction from right to left - Changes which direction text flows (Language dependant).

Insert Link - Use this button to insert a link to another web page or for an anchor (see below).
Remove Link - Highlight your text and click this button to remove any links from it.
Insert Anchor - Anchors are links set on a page to allow for easier navigation on larger pages. To set an anchor click the button and give your anchor a name. For example you could call an anchor bottom and place it at the bottom of the page, you can then create a link using Insert link and put the link as #bottom. Clicking the link would take you directly to where the anchor was placed. Anchors are case sensitive.

  Insert Image - Click this button to upload an image to your webshop. You can resize images both before and after placing it in your content.
Insert Table - Clicking this button will show a pop up with options to create a table. Including columns and rows, as well as the width of each cell.
Insert Horizontal Line- Insert a line horizontally across your content. This is useful for separating parts of a page.
Insert Smiley - Insert a Smiley onto your page.
Insert Special Character - Insert a unique character onto your page, this is where you would find unusual characters not easily found on your keyboard.
Insert Line Break for Printing - Inserting this line will tell where to end a page and move onto the next if someone was to print the page, not needed for most pages however if you create content specifically for printing, this is the ideal way to format the pages.
  All the options below have preview's when you click on the dropdown boxes.
- Add a predefined style to your content.
Format - Change your content predefined styling. For example, a heading.
Font - Change your font styling.
Size - Change the size of your text.
  Font Colour - Change the colour of the text.
Background Colour - Change the colour of the background behind text.
  Full Screen - Maximise the text editor to fit your browser window.
Show blocks - Useful to see how your pages content is set up, this is a good way to see why a paragraph may not be showing correctly.


If you are struggling getting content looking the way you'd like. Feel free to give the e-commerce team a call to see if we can help.